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Your support plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our department, empowering us to pursue excellence in education and research. Every dollar counts, and even a $20 contribution can have a meaningful impact. Your donations touch various critical areas, including the Academy of Chemical and Biochemical Engineers, as well as fuel the exciting initiatives of our Chem E Car and Chem E Cube teams. Furthermore, your unwavering support directly bolsters the department itself, enabling us to offer top-tier educational and research opportunities for our students and faculty. Collectively, we are forging a brighter and more innovative future for chemical and biochemical engineering, and it is your generosity that makes it all possible. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for being our champions in this journey!

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Four Key Areas of Giving

Lab student studying a beaker filled with pink liquid

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department

Student working diligently in a lab closely student what they are looking at

Academy of Chemical and Biochemical Engineers

Student in laboratory attire placing Chem E car on the ground

Chem E Car

Student working up close on Chem E Cube

Chem E Cube

How to Give Online

Please follow the instructions below and note you must designate one or more of the categories as beneficiaries of the funds. 

  • Click on the link below and follow the prompt fields
  • You can select as many categories as you wish to receive funds
    • The Chemical Engineering Department is already selected, but you may un-select it by pressing the 'X' on the right.
    • Under "Departmental Academies" select "Academy of Chemical Engineering"
    • Under "Student Design & Experiential Learning Center" select "Chem-E Car" and/or "Chem-E Cube"
  • Continue with the prompts

Make a Gift Today