The chemical and biochemical engineering department at Missouri S&T has developed computational and experimental facilities that allow both students and faculty to pursue research and gain expertise in a specialized area. Our contemporary research areas are backed by state-of-the-art research facilities.

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Biochemical and biomedical engineering research encompasses the study of biological systems and the development of cutting-edge technologies to improve healthcare outcomes. Researchers in this field explore the intersection of biology, engineering, and medicine to create innovative solutions for diagnosing and treating various medical conditions.

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Carbon management research focuses on developing strategies and technologies to reduce, capture, and store carbon emissions, with the aim of mitigating climate change. This field encompasses a wide range of studies, from carbon sequestration techniques to sustainable energy solutions, all aimed at addressing the global challenge of carbon emissions.

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Energy and environment research is a multidisciplinary field dedicated to understanding the complex interplay between energy production, consumption, and environmental impact. Researchers in this area work to develop sustainable technologies, policies, and practices that balance our growing energy needs with the preservation and restoration of the natural environment, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and cleaner future.

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Materials and nanotechnology research focuses on the design, manipulation, and application of materials at the nanoscale. This field holds the promise of creating groundbreaking materials with enhanced properties, paving the way for innovations in electronics, medicine, energy, and many other industries, thanks to the unique characteristics of materials at the nanoscale.

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Particle technology and characterization research involves the study of the behavior and properties of particles at the microscopic and nanoscale levels. This field is crucial for a wide range of applications, including pharmaceuticals, materials science, and environmental engineering, as it helps in understanding, manipulating, and optimizing particle characteristics for various industrial and scientific purposes.

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Reaction engineering research focuses on the study and design of chemical reactions and processes to improve their efficiency, selectivity, and sustainability. This field plays a critical role in the development of cleaner and more efficient chemical and industrial processes, ultimately contributing to environmental and economic advancements.

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Transport phenomena research explores the fundamental principles governing the movement of mass, energy, and momentum in various systems, including fluids, gases, and solids. This field plays a critical role in understanding and optimizing processes such as heat transfer, mass diffusion, and fluid flow, with broad applications in engineering, environmental science, and various industrial processes.

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Research in the department is funded through external grants and contracts from several federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, various agencies within the Department of Defense, state sources, and a number of companies.